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Typically I get home from work each day at a quarter past five.  My wind down after each day starts when I walk out of the office, headphones on, listening to podcasts and having a cigarette on my walk home.  This routine is unchanging and signals to my brain that it can take a time out and ponder more trivial matters such as what I am going to have for dinner, what game is on the menu and whether the rain will hold off until I reach my front door.

Arrival home sees my routine continue: Kettle on. TV on. Pointless on. Relax.  Now I admit that Pointless is hardly Mastermind and, thankfully, not Going for Gold but it is about my level after a long day in the office and for that reason I sink in to my chair with a brew and absorb myself the gentle banter and a torrent of obscure trivia.  

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